Monday, October 24, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

< The beautiful view at a wedding this weekend >

This past weekend flew by!  It was jam-packed with all kinds of fun with friends and family, so every busy second was totally worth it!  My husband and I caught up with our nephews and enjoyed watching on of their soccer games, celebrated with friends at a beautiful country wedding, laughed our way through dinner with friends we haven't seen for quite a while, enjoyed a little feast to celebrate our grandpa's 80th birthday, and spent lots of time enjoying the scenery from the road.  While this was really a fantastic weekend that left me very happy, I am looking forward to a semi-lazy Sunday afternoon sometime in the near future.

Whatever your plans are for this week, I hope you have wonderful days!

< Reading material to peruse while on the road >

< Centerpieces perfect for an outdoor fall wedding >

< Want to see some great thematic decorations?  Head here for a burger or a steak. >

 < Enjoying the sun setting on the horizon >

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