Monday, October 10, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

 < A nice walk, but missing fall colored leaves! >

Wow, is the weekend really already over??  Happy Monday, everyone!  I will say that it is so nice to spend some time at home over a weekend, but boy does time fly when you are working on projects around the house!  Fortunately I did have some time away from the fix-it items for some good laughs and a little in-home shopping time.  The remainder of this weekend was spent on a few projects that I will be so excited to share with you when they are completed (hint: there are two pictures in this post that allude to two of these projects)!  All of the effort put into domesticating this weekend has left me wishing for some relaxation time, but at the same time the productivity achieved over the weekend has me geared up for a great week ahead.  I hope you have a great week too!

 < A night of apps and fun (and funny napkins) with the girls >

< My new, crazy-fun headwarmer... have yet to name this guy! >

 < A little tablescaping to welcome the autumn months >

 < Continuing a makeover project... and so close to being finished! >

< Heritage treasures rediscovered when cleaning out some boxes >