Monday, October 17, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

< Hot sauce from a Friday night dinner to go >

Happy Monday!  This weekend was so busy, I can hardly believe that it was a weekend at all!  Although my husband and I did not travel anywhere these past two days, the events of the weekend left us feeling like we had been away from home all weekend.  As we are working on our scuba diving certifications, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were filled with all kinds of scuba lessons (and this new hobby is slowly growing on me).  We also had the chance to catch up with some friends at dinner on Saturday, and enjoyed a family birthday celebration on Sunday.  All in all, a great weekend, but it has definitely left me feeling like I need another weekend already!  Hope all you 3P readers had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a great week!

< Scuba class time >

< Life saving gear that weighs you down when out of the water! >

< A few deer spotted in the foothills >

< Still enjoying autumn decorations >

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