Friday, October 14, 2011

Obsessed: Living Room Makeover

Confession: I really love our house, but there is one room that always drives me bonkers.  One long, awkwardly long, dining/living room combo has me completely stumped.  I have not really been able to arrange the furniture in a way I am completely satisfied with, nor have I been totally please with the decorations (which I feel s probably a result of not liking the room arrangement)... So, vicious cycle.  Suffice it to say this is one room that I would love to win a complete makeover for- heck, I need the direction and inspiration for this room to come from a professional- the long space is just not working for me!  However, as no 'congratulations you have won a complete living room sweepstakes makeover' emails have arrived in my inbox as of yet, I continue to dream up ways to magically transform this room that eludes me.   On this Friday (TGIF!) I am happy to share with you some of the items I obsess over, dreaming that they will magically transform the look of this aforementioned room.  See below for my decoration obsessions for this TLC-needing space in our place.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Until Monday, you wonderful 3P readers!

< Color inspiration from House Beautiful >

< Faux sheepskin from Ikea, which I want to buy in bulk >

< How chic is this Williams-Sonoma settee?  Love it to pieces! >

 < Silk drapes from Pottery Barn- seem so luxurious! >

< Parsons Tower from West Elm - a great classic which would be fun to style with books and decor!>

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