Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sparkles and Jewels

I finally took the chance to complete one of the DIY projects I have been wanting to make-over!  After falling in love with some of the jewelry ideas from other bloggers (such as The Glitter Guide's awesome sparkling Spike the Punch necklace and Cupcake and Cashmere's brooch), I scooped up this jeweled necklace for a sweet deal at Forever 21.  I then opened up my lovely organized drawer full of nail polish and was drawn to shades of blue (my favorite hue), and also inspired by the jewelry from blogs as mentioned above.  After a little set up, some brief time to determine the color arrangement, and a somewhat steady hand, I was all ready to give my necklace a little jolt of color.  An hour or so later (with a little break or two in between), I smiled at the new, blue look.  I am hoping to wear this one day soon, after it is nice and dry, so look for it in an outfit post soon, or check out updates on my Facebook or Twitter pages.

Hope your Wednesday is full of some sparkles (in addition to the sparkles you can see here!), all you wonderful 3P readers!

 < First things first: gather your materials in one place and give yourself a pep talk for doing a great job with a DIY project >

 < Carefully apply desired colors on even the smallest baubles.  Repeat this step until all of your desired gems are colored as you imagined! (I applied a double coat of color to each gem I painted for more bold-color look) >

 < Loving the finished look!  From lightest to darkest as you look down the bracelet (and in the order which the polish colors are lined up, from left to right), I used OPI Last Friday Night, Essie Beach Bum Blu, Love & Beauty Royal, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Sea Breeze, Love & Beauty Blu >

< Ta-da!  Not perfect, but I will try a little clean up and then just appreciate the unique touch that this DIY paint job has done for this necklace! >


  1. OMG! This is amazing! LOVE it!

  2. Thanks Val! If you have a jewelry DIY, I will love for you to share it!!