Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Drawer Revamp

< The finished product >

One of the greatest feelings in life is accomplishing a small organizational project and becoming overjoyed at the result.  As I opened a drawer in my bathroom the other day to locate a bottle of nail polish, I realized that the time had come to restore order to this poorly neglected drawer.  Fishing through mounds of polishes is no way to start off on the right foot for a pedicure!  So, out went a few old nail lacquers, in came a plastic tub just the right size for the desired purpose, and some random cosmetic bags were put to use in order to provide more organization and aesthetic pleasure.  No longer will I open this drawer and waste precious time locating its contents.  Hooray for one more organized drawer in our house!

< Before: a drawer that was cluttered and lacking maximized potential >

< Before: a muddled jumble of polishes in an unsuitable bag >

 < After: arranged loosely by color, all bottles stand upright and fit perfectly in this container >

< Before (left): an old beat-up carton; After (right): a mason jar beautifies this bath salt >

< After: an organized drawer I will now be delighted to open! >

< Supplies that were easily found in the re-organized drawer >

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  1. Organized space - big or little - is ALWAYS better!