Friday, August 19, 2011

Obsessed: High Heels

TGIF!  What a week this has been!  Driving back and forth through northern California, working, helping friends move, and getting ready to send one of my best friends across the pond... I am really looking forward to a weekend of relaxing!  (Note: we will see if this actually happens- there are always so many places to go, people to see!)   In honor of 'dreaming of the weekend,' I am sharing with you today some shoes which I am 'dreaming' to own.  I love a beautiful high heel (as seen here and here), and I am wondering if I could actually walk in any of these heels in the event that I ever have a chance to try on any of these beauties.  And clearly, my somewhat private desire for cooler fall weather has triggered my infatuation with gray heels and platforms at impossible heights and price points.  Let me know if you would obsess over any of these shoes with which I am currently obsessed!

Hope you have a great weekend planned for yourself!

Miy Miu >

 < Jimmy Choo >

< And last but not least... Elizabeth and James >


  1. I might try MIY MIU, or Jimmy Choo but the steep price would probably curb my desire=:)

  2. One of these days we will just have to find some Mui Mui and Jimmy Choo shoes to try on, so that we can see how we feel about the pricing after we know the fit and see the styling! :-)