Monday, August 1, 2011

Tidbits of Travel

< Passports and cruise documents are capable of causing excitement for a trip >

As many of you know, I am away in Alaska this week!  The trip is almost over- sniff sniff!  Pictures from the trip will definitely be shared later this week, so keep an eye out for those.  The trek up to Alaska last week for this trip was delayed and delayed and delayed due to the delays of the not-so-fabulous airline that was transporting us up up and away.  However, as time was passing in the airport waiting for our connecting flight, I took the chance to find some fun, lovable items in the local terminal.  Look at what joys can be found near airport gates while you wait!

< Chai at SeaTac, from a Starbucks that is open 24/7! >

< The Alaska Airlines logo with the happy Alaskan man smiling at you >

< Alaska, Disneyland, and Make A Wish all on one plane- my ideal airplane wrap! >

< Awesome, subtly colorful tiles with just the right amount of sheen, seen on a Massage Bar store front >

< Decor inside Butter London... love the bird, the yellow on the couch, and hello cheetah pillows! >

< Yes indeed! Life is always good when you look at everything with a positive attitude! >

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