Monday, August 8, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

< The view I enjoyed lounging poolside for a while with some lovely ladies >

This was an amazing weekend that flew by so quickly! I hope all of my fabulous readers also had a wonderful weekend. Did you? Mine was filled with fabulous relaxation time, celebrating a goodbye dinner with some great friends, productive times in the backyard planting areas, and fun celebrating with other friends at their wedding. This weekend will definitely motivate me for the 5 days of this work week. Will your weekend do the same for you?

< Fun right-hand rings my friends and I wore to a dinner party >

< Sunshine lighting up this beautiful fountain area > 

< A hunting theme lounge at a local historic mansion > 

< Bracelet party in gold >

 < Red roses in vintage silver holders serve as some decorations at a sweet wedding reception >

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