Thursday, August 18, 2011


Last weekend my husband treated me to a last minute date- we were on the road, exhausted from the week, hungry, and ended up at my favorite Italian place from college.  The weather was fantastic, the service was amazing, and the meal hit the spot.  If you are ever in the bay area, I recommend that you visit Pasta Pomodoro in the south bay!

< I just love this simple wine bar! >

< Some decor from indoors, as mentioned here >

< Lovely citrus trees as viewed from the patio >

< Simple, enticing menu >

< Our hands-down favorite appetizer >

< Lemonade served in carafes >

< Meatballs for the boy >

< Simple pasta for me >

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  1. From the pictures, Pasta Pomodoro looks like the place to go for pleasant surroundings, delightful presentation , and yummy food!