Tuesday, August 30, 2011

House Guests

< One of my favorite rooms in our house- a guest bedroom >

Over the weekend my husband and I enjoyed the company of some special friends who stayed overnight at our place.  While I love a super clean house, I do not always have time to make everything perfectly clean.  However, I know that some small details in decorating and supplying needed items can make all the difference, so this is what I enjoy excelling at.  A little extra time focusing on small amenities is what can make the difference between a needy guest and one that is entirely comfortable in your home.  Hopefully all of these little touches described in this post make our guest room one of the best places to stay- that's always my goal. You can read more about the two guest rooms currently in our home herehere, and here.  Tell me, what do you like providing for guests that stay over in your home?

< A makeshift bookshelf holds magazines for reading material and stands next to a coat rack that makes for a handy hanging center >

 < A freshly re-potted plant spruces up an otherwise bare corner space >

 < Sheets are clean, pillow are fluffed! >

< Carrying on the Paris theme of this room with decorations on a bedside table >

< Other bedside items: a table lamp for reading, a clock radio, and a bedside carafe with coasters >

 < A small hook hidden on the wall for guests' keys or other dangling items >

< A new special hand soap, toiletry supplies, and a small bowl for stashing jewelry >

< Clean towels and a delicious smelling bath soap! >

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  1. Totally enjoyed! The "hook" decor piece is a great idea. I shall be on the lookout for one for my guestrooms.