Monday, August 15, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

< Sunset streaks across the sky, enjoyed during some time on the back patio >

What a whirlwind weekend this was- how is it Monday again already?  My weekend was filled with lots of sunshine and laughter, some productive time on home projects, a last minute date, and a quick trip to the bay area.  I could really go for two more days (or even more) of weekends, but I guess this coming week will fly by since most of these August weeks have just zoomed past me!  I mean, do you realize that we are already at the midway point of August??  Hope that you all enjoyed these past two weekend days and are prepared for the week ahead- I'm not sure that I am totally prepared, but what's better than telling yourself you are and staying completely positive?  This is my game plan for this week- feel free to borrow this idea if you need to, and have a great week!

< The perfect answer to a late afternoon 'meal' during hot summer days >

< Exploring hobby options that could take us around the world, under the sea >

< A last minute date at my favorite italian spot from college days >

< My favorite flower to clip for a homemade bouquet- a beautiful red rose blooming in our backyard >

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