Monday, August 29, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

< Colorful lights at a local fountain always provide a great show! >

Well, here we are back in the real world today- Happy Monday, everyone!  This last weekend of August was a wonderful one, and I can hardly believe that the end of August is already upon us.  The days this past weekend were spent outside enjoying the warm summer weather that still surrounds us, that the evenings were spent celebrating with fun friends, the good people in my alumni chapter, and of course, my great man.  I will miss this weekend, but plan to enjoy these last few days of August although they will be busy ones.  The good news?  Only one more week until Labor Day weekend!  Can't wait!

< A strawberry mojito enjoyed on a summertime date >

 < Afternoon on the lake, noticing how the water has dropped and hoping it won't be the last time on the lake this year! >

< Delicious Icing on the Cupcake cupcakes from an awesome friend >

< Lazy weekend afternoon drive- spotted this house and fell in love! >

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