Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekly Wardrobe

Another week of outfits, at your service!  5 work outfits and a few different weekend outfits is usually all I wear in one week, and here they are just like that!  I am so happy that some of my 'detail' pictures are turning out well, because "It's all in the details" is one of my style mantras, and the accessories in my outfit posts (such as seen below) have never really shown up before last week.  I know many of you readers are beginning to dress for Fall, but my area of the country is still very much experiencing summer temperatures.  I honestly am ready for Fall weather, but in the meantime the sweaters and blazers I wear to stay warm enough in air conditioning are my little reminders that Fall is indeed on its way.

Hope you are having a great week, and hope that these outfits help provide some wardrobe inspiration for you!

- Above photo -
Occasion: work
Dress: BCBG
Blazer: BR
Heels: Kristin Davis
Jewelry: BR, The Rack (necklaces), Citizen (watch), Tiffany, LOFT, ON, Khol's (bracelets)

- Above photo -
Occasion: work
Blouse: BR
Skirt: The Limited
Belt and Heels: Nine West
Jewelry: BR. Khol's (necklaces), Citizen (watch) Tiffany, The Limited, LOFT (bracelets)

- Above Photo -
Occasion: work
Shirt: Express (old)
Dress (work as skirt): Allen B.
Wedges: Nine West
Jewelry: Reaction (necklaces), Anne Klein (watch), BR (bracelets)

- Above photo -
Occasion: casual day at work
Top: American Eagle
Skirt: BR (old)
Belt: ON
Sandals: LC Lauren Conrad
Jewelry: ON, F21 (bracelets), Paul Frank (watch)

- Above photo -
Occasion: work
Dress; Calvin Klein
Wrap: TJ Maxx
Belt: ON
Heels: Nine West
Jewelry: Reaction (necklaces), BR, The Limited (bracelets)

- Above photo -
Occasion: happy hour
Shirt: Living Doll
Jeans: BR
Belt: Target
Shoes: Ross (really old)
Jewelry: F21 (bracelet), Reaction (ring), vintage, The Limited (necklaces)

- Above photo -
Occasion: Date night
Dress: Ross
Belt: ON
Clutch: Nine West
Sandals: LC Lauren Conrad
Bracelets: Khol's, ON, BR

- Above photo -
Occasion: church
Dress: Khol's
Sweater: Nine West
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Heels: Simply Vera Wang
Earrings and Rings: Claire's


  1. seriously love all of these!! very inspiring :)

  2. Amanda, you are too sweet! Glad this will help inspire some outfits for you! Post pictures on Facebook ( when you wear your outfit inspired by something on this post! :-)

  3. These were so inspirational, great job putting all the outfits together, you've got great style. Thanks for posting!

    Tonja & Jodi aka The Working Girls

  4. Thanks Working Girls! Love that we know each other now and can look to each other for inspiration! :-)