Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Amenities

< Fluffy pillows that decorate a bed and are nice and plush as props for reading >

When I picked up the mail the other day, I was happy to see that there was a Pottery Barn Bed & Bath catalog waiting for me.  I love getting the these kinds of catalogs because they always provide ideas and inspiration for decorating and redecorating my home.  Also, how great is it to get a magazine or a catalog in your mailbox to counteract the effect you might feel when all of the bills are delivered?  Anyway, browsing through the pages of the Bed & Bath catalog gave me some new ideas for my guest provisions, but also reminded me of some of the comforts I have already added to the guest rooms in our place.  Because there are only two of us currently inhabiting our house, we have the space for two separate guests rooms- one is decorated in pink and yellow (previously featured here), and the second is a Paris-themed room with black furniture and touches of blue everywhere (as seen here).  I am now thinking it is about time to rearrange these rooms, but...  I hope this helps inspire you to decorate the guest spaces in your house!

< A desk from my childhood, which I painted black and placed next to the bed in this guest room, provides a resting place for a lamp, a clock, some tissue, and floral decorations; this is also a great place to add a water carafe when we have visitors. >

< A small assortment of office supplies- pens, scissors, paper clips, and tape rest on a shelf for guest's convenience- as well as a metal pineapple brought home from a visit to Mount Hermon >

< A live plant and a candle add a very welcoming effect to any room >

< A chair and matching ottoman invites guests to kick back and relax; the ottoman can also double as a luggage stand when needed >

< A vintage cabinet serves as both a bedside cabinet and a short term dresser for house guests- sometimes it is nice to provide a basket, some shelf space, or room in a cabinet for guests to place their items in an orderly fashion >

Tell me, what are your favorite amenities to add to a guest room?  What are the best little details you have experienced as a guest in someone else's home?

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