Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coco Time

< Cocoa colored COCO500 entrance >

The other evening I had the pleasure of joining some delightful friends for a tasty dinner at COCO500 in San Francisco.  The restaurant was just the right size for the city, and the decor was modern yet warm and inviting.  500 is in the name, and 500 is the street number of this eatery's location!  The food was incredibly delicious (COCO500 is now my favorite restaurant in the bay) and the service was impeccable.  The simplistic presentation of the food that had such healthy, homemade taste was so enticing, and I definitely had my fill of food that night.  If you are living in San Francisco or have plans to visit there, I would definitely advise you to make a dining reservation at COCO500.

< Refreshing cocktails with a touch of mint and thai basil >

< The menu is filled with fresh, local ingredients >

< The COCOmole taco- so tasty I am going to have to try to recreate these! >

< Parmesan truffled mushroom flatbread >

< Delectable entrees: the catch (salmon with chickpeas, top) and pappardelle with braised pork shoulder >

< Some desserts to cap off the dining experience; a caramel nut tart (top) and COCOcups in peanut butter and chocolate >


  1. Love it, Mel! Great food, amazing friends, life is good!

  2. Loved the dinner you planned, Brit! Such a great time and delicious food! Thanks for letting me snap all the photos for today's blog post! :-)