Friday, May 20, 2011

Obsessed: Bacon

< Bacon seen at B2B last weekend >

TGIF and happy Friday to you!  I'll admit, this post is probably pretty laughable.  In fact, I am cracking myself up as I write this!  But honestly, after seeing the bacon guys as pictured above, I have had a hankering for some of that high calorie goodness.  I mean, who doesn't love the smell of fried bacon and the crunch of that sinfully delicious strip of pork?  There are blogs devoted specifically to this salty meat.  One of my best friends has made a resolution to eat more bacon.  My cousins clamor around a plate of bacon like they have been starved for ages.  I have fond childhood memories of Saturday morning breakfasts at my grandparent's house which were always a treat; you could count on some delicious pancakes, eggs made to order, and a bountiful supply of bacon.  Not that I eat bacon often, but I am going to have to bring back this Saturday morning breakfast tradition every so often to fulfill my current bacon obsession.  Are you looking for some ways to incorporate a love of bacon into your life?  Well, look no further than the suggestions that follow, and enjoy perusing through these pictures and links on the final day of this work week.

< Photo courtesy of Sterling Style >

When I saw the recipe for Chopped Broccoli salad posted on Sterling Style yesterday, I could not help but crave this delicious sounding lunch item.  I am going to have to try this recipe!

< Photo courtesy of 123RF >

Love bacon so much that you want to read about it every day?  Then head to Bacon Unwrapped to get your daily bacon blog fix.  

< Photo courtesy of Real Simple >

Want some fun ideas for interesting hostess gifts?  Check out Real Simple's list of 8 Delicious Treats for Bacon Lovers.  Not everything on this list sounds totally tasty to me, but I would absolutely love to try everything out at least once!

Bacon Salt >

Do you ned a little more bacon flavor in your life?  Then apparently, Bacon Salt is just the thing for you. Make everything taste like bacon without the calories, fat, or guilt.  

< Photo courtesy of Global Cookbook >

Want to know a secret?  Add a simple little splash of paprika to your BLT.  Check out the recipe here- everything sounds simple and delicious, but I would use wheat bread instead of white bread.

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