Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Free Play

Remember those good old days in elementary school when Friday Free Play and the snack bar were the best part of your week?  For today's lunch recess, I present to you a few ways to bring some 'free play' back in to your life.  Click on the links below to enjoy access to no-cost music and video.  Enjoy your Friday Free Play, and have a great weekend! :-)

< If you don't already know,  iTunes offers free songs every week.  Click here for a simple tutorial >

< Are you excited about all of the summer blockbusters quickly approaching their release dates?  YouTube and Freshly Popped: The Movie Blog from Fandango are great places to view, for free, official movie trailers >

< Pick up one of Starbuck's Pick of the Week music cards next time you stop by for your latte.  These cards contain a code for a specific song that can be downloaded from the iTunes store >

< Another great place to access free music downloads? The MP3 Downloads page at  Often times, such as during the Christmas season, there are enough free songs available to create an entirely free play list! >

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