Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Made Over Armoire

< Before >

I love having an organized home, and my inherent desire to stay organized is due, in part, to the wonderful organized women who were so influential in my life during my younger years (and who to this day remain an important part of my life).  The other day as I opened up this armoir, which serves as a storage unit in my our dining room, I realized it was time to consolidate and re-establish some order to these shelves.  What started off as a place to stow table linens, candles, and seasonal decorations had become a mish-mash collection of various items with a deteriorating sense of arrangement.  Enter some spring cleaning fever, a few storage cubes, and a little ruthless editing and... voilĂ !  A much more organized shelves and a much happier me!

< After >

< Before- too much mess! >

< After- order is restored! >

< Storage bins on sale at Target fit these shelves perfectly >

< Place mats are stored on the top shelf, as they are used most often, and tablecloths rest on the shelf below.  Organized by color keeps thing orderly and easy to locate. >

< Miscellaneous items are concealed in handy bins >

< Candles are stacked on two shelves and arranged by color - these add the sweetest aroma as you open the door to this storage armoire! >

< Ahh, I will be so happy to see this organization every time I look at these shelves! >

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  1. Thanks for the organization inspiration! Now that I'm done with grad school, I've got time on my hands to finally make that organized home I've been craving.