Monday, May 9, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

< Some decorations for the Kentucky Derby party we hosted >

Happy Monday, everyone!  What a beautiful spring weekend this was!  All three days were filled with wonderful celebrations- a Friday night bash in honor of the Kentucky Derby, a visit to a local strawberry festival which was quite the interesting venture, and some enjoyable Mother's Day merriment in Tahoe.  Actually experiencing the drive from a 75-degree sunny place in California to a 40-degree location with snow in just a few hours- well, all the advertising this state does about being able to ski and surf in the same day is so true!!  Now, enough of all of this springtime weekend jubilation and on to what I hope will be an extremely productive week!   P.S... Oh, if only this had been a three-day weekend... but really, already looking forward to the holiday weekend at the end of this month!

< Freshly cut white roses from our backyard >

< Chocolate covered strawberries... yum! >

< An impressive blues band rockin' it at the berry festival >

< Fresh mozzarella balls with basil and grape tomatoes make for a delicious appetizer >

< Tahoe in May and snow is still on the ground- notice the water on the pathway?  Snow was melting at such a rate that little streams were forming pretty much everywhere you looked! >

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