Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Roses are Red

< Simple DIY Kentucky Derby tabletop decoration >

This past weekend my husband and I hosted a party in honor of the 137th Kentucky Derby, and we hope it will be the first of many such celebrations we will plan annually.  After searching in local stores and online, decorations for this year's Kentucky Derby were few and far between, so I decided to put some creative craftiness to work and design Kentucky Derby themed items with which to decorate (see more decorations from this party here).  This had me grabbing every red rose I could find, and thus has resulted in a renewed attraction to the rosy hue.  I do not own many red clothing items, but I love to wear this color every once in a while, and appreciate the bright pop an accessory in any shade of red will provide to an outfit.  However, there is one dress hanging in my closet that serves as my LRD (Little Red Dress), which as a result of all of the Kentucky Derby roses, I cannot wait to wear in this warmer spring weather.

< Some details on my favorite red dress >

My love of this LRD inspired me to search for some fun closet items in different shades of red as well as some brightly colored home decor accents, which I have compiled for you to enjoy.  Let me know what you think- what is your favorite way to wear red and decorate with this color?

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