Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Eating Raw

< Mikuni Midtown Sacramento >

Just kidding about the title of this post- I am not referring to a raw foods restaurant, but rather to the concept of sushi as uncooked food.  Mikuni is a well known Japanese restaurant in the Sacramento and Tahoe regions, and I finally had my first Mikuni meal in the Midtown location last week.  While I was there with a few other people, I was only one of two individuals to actually order sushi- the rest of the table dined on teriyaki dishes.  The atmosphere was inviting and relaxing, the decor was simple but entirely appropriate, the service was satisfactory, the food was delicious, and the company was fantastic- absolutely a great evening out!  Now I can't wait to dine at their newest location, in the Fountains at Roseville.  If you live in the Sacramento area or are traveling here, I would recommend Mikuni for a delicious sushi meal.

< Happy diners on the main floor; we were upstairs, but the cafeteria-ish tables are the same on both levels >

< I could pretty much eat edamame all day... >

< Fabulous menu options, including a list of 'favorite rolls' as a helpful suggestion >

< The Incredible roll >

< The infamous "birthday wheels" you can spin if its your birthday or, in our case, if you ask nicely and have a kind server >

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