Wednesday, October 9, 2013

5 fall centerpieces

< add pomegranates to greenery for a rich autumn look >

Like many others out there, fall is my favorite season.  A few weeks ago my friends guessed that fall decorations were the reason this is a beloved season.  While yes- my love of decorations is great- this is certainly not the only reason I love the cool months of 'ber.  In fact, I still need to get my fall decorations up!  In the meantime, here are five fall centerpieces I love, which will inspire some of the centerpieces I will be creating this autumn.

< bring a touch of fall to greenery with a copper vase >

< add orange blooms accented with leaves to a pumpkin vase and enjoy the fall colors >

 < use dried leaves inside glass vases- just make sure they don't touch the candles! >

< twigs, mini pumpkins, and a sprig of autumn blooms make a delightful fall presentation >

*all images via Pinterest

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