Friday, October 11, 2013

Obsessed: around the web this week

Friday is here, and it's time to bring on the weekend fun!  After a few busy weeks I am excited to a relaxing weekend that will still include a little road trip.  That's the story of this 3P girl- always on the go!  To add a little enjoyment to your day, I am happy to share my obsessions around the web from this week.  Click away, and have a fantastic weekend, 3P style of course!

1. I will love to plan some of these great fall outing ideas into my autumn days. (

2. Test your skills at reading facial expressions. (

3. Ahh, my favorite meal of the week... weekend brunch- I am looking forward to making some of these delicious brunch meals! (

4. I like to make the most of any space, and these are great for those tricky small spaces. (

5. Can social media keep me on a diet? Oh, to cure that food craving with Instagram...  (

6. I am itching to dive into the DIY ideas from the fabulous Erica Domesek. (

7. Hmm... wearable technology is not yet your typical wrist wear these days. (

8. Crushing on the cutest cobalt clutch which I would not take of my wrist. (

9. If you haven't heard this heartwarming story about the hero pit bull, read up on it today. (

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