Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My October Birchbox

I always do a little jump of joy when my Birchbox arrives in my mailbox each month.  As an adult, anything in your mailbox that is not a bill is rather exciting, right? The samples Birchbox has been sending my way have gotten better and better, and are always appropriate for the season.  The cooler fall mornings and evenings around here have dried out my skin, and lo and behold moisturizers galore arrived in this Birchbox shipment just in time!  Looking for your own chance at this beauty shipment for yourself?  You can click here and sign up today- as a 3P follower, I'm sure you'll love this beauty delivery just as much as I do!

< Each month the Birchbox team lets you in on their latest obsessions in their Beauty Buzz >

 < A little like Christmas morning for my beauty drawer >

 < I'm looking forward to using this two-step cleanser to purify and exfoliate after a long week- the muslin cloth will help provide a nice polish, too >

< This newly developed Chap Stick Hydration Lock will be in my purse all fall and winter, and the Aqua Lacquer Pop will color my lips without stickiness, which will be perfect for a windy day >

PS- I am crazy with joy over the delightful scent of Folle de Joie in this box!

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