Monday, October 28, 2013

Wonders from the weekend

< Fall leaves by the Carnegie library in my little town >

Well hello there Monday- I hope you fly by as fast as this past weekend did!  As I write this, the first fall storm is headed into my little neck of the woods and I can't wait.  The 80-degree sunshine that we enjoyed all weekend has been great and made for an enjoyable few days of fall activities, but I am so happy for autumn to officially arrive.  October has been such a busy month with many projects and places to travel to, so it is no surprise that it has flown by- now, bring on the trick-or-treaters this week!

Make this week a great week, 3P style!

< love this organized cabinet in my lovely kitchen >

< beauty supplies for a night of costume fun >

< the cutest little October treat, created by a talented family friend >

< snuggles with this cute kitty girl on a cozy Sunday evening >

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