Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shoe Horse

The calendar pictured above is one of my favorite things to look at every morning.  Many of the designs are from recent years, and the pictures of the shoes make me wish I had Carrie's shoe budget.  Although I do not own any designer shoes as of yet, I am happy to tell myself that many of the beautiful shoes in this calendar have look-a-likes living in my very own closet.  Happy, happy, joy, joy!  Can you tell that I am a total high-heels addict?  Take a look and let me know- do you think you would find inspiration from this calendar to wear shoes hiding in your closet?

< Oh Jimmy Choo... how I wish you were my best friend! >

< Sparkle and shimmer... hello, lover! >

< Animalistic yet refined in an addicting shade of green >

< Color, color, and more color!  This pair of heels is so fun to wear! >

 < A little rocker vibe is something I like to mix in my style every once in a while- these heels are perfect for just that! >

< You're my boy, blue!  The most comfortable blue heels I have ever owned, thanks Nine West! >

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