Friday, July 8, 2011

Obsessed: Blue, black, and silver

< This beautiful image is thanks to Real Simple >

Happy Friday!  Blue has longtime been my favorite color for... well, a really long time. When I came across this photo on the Real Simple website, I immediately thought about redecorating my front hallway in the hues of blue, black, and silver as seen in the above image.  I would just use the white furniture I currently have sitting in that hallway, recover a bench I have in some black and white fabric, create a textured look on the wall with blue paint, and peruse local antique and thrift shops for silver trays...  Ah, but alas there are a few more house projects on the list to finish before I may tackle this hallway makeover idea, so in the meantime I will just add this decor idea to my Obsessed list.  And perhaps, start wearing more black and silver with the blue items in my closet... :-)

Obsessed: Blue, black and gray work

Obsessed: Blue, black, and gray play

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