Monday, July 18, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

 < View from the cabin balcony where we stayed >

These past few days were amazing- my friend hosted a weekend in Tahoe to celebrate her husband's 30th birthday.  Because of all her fabulous planning, we had the pleasure of staying in a Tahoe Keys cabin, right on the water.  The weather was beautiful, the music mix was just right all weekend, the food was amazing, and much fun was had.   Let me tell you, I could imagine living a wonderful life like that (good friends, good food, good times) every weekend (or even every day) from now on.  And I am so thankful to have so many awesome friends (especially those with great planning skills)!  I cannot wait for another trip like this with these friends.  I think this week will just fly by simply recalling the fun times from this birthday party weekend.

< A quick stop on the way to Tahoe to see where the hubs worked one summer- although back then, this was a Foster's Freeze >

< What a cool birthday cake! >

 < A little tugboat with an appropriate (yet funny) name >

< Sliced watermelon enjoyed on the back patio at home > 

< Summer saviors >

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