Thursday, December 22, 2011

DIY Photo Booth Props

< Gather your materials in one place as the first step: red, black and white foam sheets, wooden dowels, and scissors >

It's a very rare occasion to have two DIY posts on this blog in one week, but I guess the Christmas spirit has me feeling fairly crafty (you can see the first DIY post this week here).  For a fun addition to a Christmas party last weekend, I came up with the idea of creating a homemade photo booth space with mustache and lip sticks to use as props.  Thanks so some inspiration found online, I was able to quickly craft my own smiles on a stick.  See below for the simple steps I took to create these photo booth props (which were a total hit at the party), and let me know if this project inspires you to create something for an upcoming party!

 < I am not much of an artist (if you can't tell by my drawing skills shown here), but I free-handed a few lip and mustache shapes ...

... To use as stencils  on the foam sheets >

< Smooooch! >

 < After cutting all the shapes, I grouped them into separate piles: lips, different kinds of mustaches, fake cigarettes, smoking pipes, and a Santa Beard.  I then attached each foam shape to a separate wooden dowel with tape (for time's sake, will be replaced with glue eventually). >

< The completed props sit nicely in a Mason jar, ready to be put to use in a photo booth! >

< The ladies of the party really enjoyed these props! >

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