Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas at Grandma's

< Snowmen and Christmas trees in the front entryway >

My grandma is one amazing decorator- for every holiday and season, her house is totally made over to reflect the current celebrations.  My grandpa plays a very important role in this system too, as he is helpful in much of the storing and un-storing processes that take place because of my grandma's wonderful skills and all of her seasonal decorations.  I really love visiting my grandparent's house any day of the year, but Christmas is one of my favorites. I have so many cherished memories from this house, and Christmas memories- such as family gathered on sofas around the tree and smiling, more food and baked goods than you could imagine, hide-the-thimble games of hide-and-seek when we were younger, scavenger hunts for presents, and most of all, family prayers that always bring a grateful tear or two to my eyes- are my favorite to reflect upon when all of my grandparent's Christmas decorations are out on display.  Earlier this week, I found an amazing email in my inbox containing pictures of my grandma's Christmas decorating displays.  I am so happy to share these with you, because these are treasured pictures in my eyes.  The husband and I will be spending some Christmas time at this house in the next few days, so now you 3P readers can enjoy looking at Grandma's decorations much like we will be doing when we are there!

Happy Friday, Merry Chirstmas-Eve-Eve, Happy Everything, and have a wonderful and blessed Christmas weekend!

 < 'Fruits of the Spirit' ornaments I made for my grandma several years ago lay nestled in a garland of snow and are a great way to memorize the Fruits of the Spirit! >

 < The cutest placemats ever and a simple centerpiece with oversized ornaments >

< A sweet collection of carolers add color and fun to white book shelves >

< Too cute-  Christmas books and movies on display >

 < Angels atop the piano bringing 'Tidings of Comfort and Joy >

 < The BELIEVE nativity set that many women in my family are lucky enough to have! >

< Snowmen and Santas rest on a windowsill ledge (maybe these are Grandma's little elves!) >

< Left: Decorations hanging on chair backs add some Christmas flair to the dining room; Right: A china cupboard is filled with angels, nutcrackers, Santas, and little seasonal 'pics' of berries and fir >

< And last but not least, a small sampling of the many nativity sets my grandma has collected over the years (and to this day, we may or may not all play 'Can you find all of the nativity sets?').  Her collection has inspired to start the same kind! >

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