Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wrapping up from Christmas!

Well, I know that Christmas is behind us, but I am still thrilled to be enjoying the Christmas spirit- times with family and friends have made every day and evening amazing these past few days!  Last week, much of my time (and some of the hubs') was devoted to preparing for Christmas celebrations, and wrapping presents was not excluded in these preparations.  I think we have a pretty good system down now- box one night, wrap the next, and tie bows on the third- I only wish that a nice vacation was a result of completing this mission!  Kidding aside, the joy of distributing these gifts and seeing even the smallest amount of joy on the recipients face is enough to warm your heart for a long time.  Obviously, mine is still very warm as I am still happily posting about Christmas!  Anyway, enjoy seeing these photos of our present packaging process and tell me, what is your method for gift wrapping success?

< Night One: Box and label >

 < Night Two: Wrap boxes and transfer labels to outside >

< Night Three: Affix bows and other package decor, and apply real gift tag.  Place under tree and admire the Christmas beauty! >