Thursday, December 15, 2011

DIY: Rock 'N Roll Necklace

< Chains that are about to get changed! >

Every now and then, I love creating a little D-I-Y project to spice up my life in a very simple process.  As you can tell from most of my DIY projects (as seen hereherehere, and here) I love a simple project that can be finished in a short amount of time with just a few supplies.  This week I decided to add a little rockstar inspired jewelry into my collection by creating a simple necklace.  Chain and safety pins were all I needed!  Now just be on the lookout to see this necklace in an upcoming outfit post! 

< Two long chain necklaces that I have worn here and there, but dreamed that I could turn them into a single statement necklace >

< First I laid the chains side by side, with the claw clasp of each necklace at the opposite end.  I then created several knots along the chain by alternating which color chain I used to create the knot. >

 < All knotted up! >

< I then dug into my arsenal of safety pins and pinned away, randomly, on the necklace... >

< Ta-da!  The final result- a little rock-and-roll 'tude to add to my day! >

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