Monday, December 12, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

< Surprise dessert as a birthday treat for our friend >

This weekend was pretty much... wonderful!  Dinner out with the girls, major progress on Christmas gift shopping, straightening up and cleaning the house, decorating the tree (the last Christmas decoration to be finished!), sushi rolls and homemade tamales were enjoyed (*not during the same meal, though), serious work accomplished on the garage makeover project, Christmas card for this year designed and ordered- just to name a few of the things I enjoyed doing and completing these past few days.  It is so great to be surrounded by so many friends who enjoy going out and making our little city feel like a big one, and the husband and I are always as happy to spend time with them as we are to spend time with each other.  Feeling kind of bummed that Monday is already here, but hey, isn't that just a normal feeling for a Monday?  This coming week is going to be filled with lots of events to look forward to - and I hope yours is too- that's what we can use to get rid of the Monday blues!

< Ta-da!  The ornaments are on the tree!  Christmas decorating is complete! >

 < A late  night fro-yo run... so many tasty options! >

 < A little more progress on the garage space- paint is up, and shelves are in place! >

< Sneak-peek of this year's Christmas card >

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  1. The tree looks beautiful (per usual) and can't wait to see the Christmas card! Is that the top of hubby's head I see?