Thursday, June 9, 2011

Freeze Tag

< Before: cluttered >

One of the smaller projects around the house I have been hoping to tackle lately is the cleaning out and organization of the freezer that so kindly stores much of our food supply.  I have been neglecting this project, but finally seized the opportunity to approach the prospect of the freezer project the other day when I had a few minutes to spare.  I threw out a few items that had been in there way too long, wiped down the interior walls and shelves, rearranged like items to be grouped together, and brought in some baskets to help corral loose bags and mixes.  Yes, you may laugh at all of the things I freeze, but I have found that this really helps extend the life of what might otherwise rot or mold in the refrigerator, so long as it is sealed properly to prevent frostbite.  Ever since I completed this project, I have smiled whenever I open the freezer door.  Totally worth the time and effort!

Tell me, what small projects do you have in mind to apply some organization skills to?  Leave a comment and let me know!

< After: order is restored! >

< Before: a cluttered look >

< After: baskets help organize, and similar items are stored together >

< Trays of ground meat and frozen meals rest on the top shelf >

< Crackers and pasta are stored on the same shelf, and baking supplies, along with cookie mixes in a bin,  live together in organized harmony on a shelf below >

< A large bin holds bags of chips, and baked goods are stacked on top of each other in containers for easy access >

< The door, before >

< After: door shelves are clean and organized! >

< The grouping of like items continues >

< Couscous and rice live on one shelf and are easy to reach when needed, and frozen soups and pastas rest on a shelf below >


  1. I love you and your organizing. It is quite the motivator for me!

  2. Thanks Laura!! So glad to know this provides some inspiration! Send me some photos of the organizing you accomplish with the inspiration from this blog! :-)