Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The ABC's of Summer Jewelry

< Love the seeing the sun sparkle on any body of water >

As the local weather is still not suggesting that we are a week into June, I am dreaming of warm, sunshiny days and finally being able to dress in my summer attire.  I still need to do a little closet organization with my summer clothes, but I am making progress on that project as well as organizing my jewelry collection.  While I was sorting through some necklaces the other day, I realized that I am most certainly drawn to different pieces during the winter than I am drawn to during summer months, and determined that there are definitely a few jewelry pieces that I consider to be summer staples.  Hence I have created the sets below to inspire you toward earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry items that have the feel of summer- for everyday use, for those weekend trips to the beach, and for summer weddings or other fancy events you might attend during the next few months.  Although sparkly evening necklaces are making their way in to daytime wear thanks to the ingenuity of fashionistas everywhere, I have yet to fully venture into this territory- and I now plan to attempt this trend in the summer months this year!

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