Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're having a heat wave

We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave, the temperature's rising it isn't surprising... okay, not really- only if there were an ocean nearby and way more humidity would I totally be able to convince myself that life is currently like living in a tropical paradise.  As I grew up in an area where triple-digit, dry heat summers were the total norm, I have my own methods for coping with rather warm weather: wear light fabrics in light colors, commit your outside time to early morning hours as much as possible, park in the shade, enjoy sherbet and popsicles, and play in the pool.  If I were actually enjoying a summer vacation (like the good ol' days in elementary school- remember?) right now I would totally embrace all of the aforementioned methods.  However, for now I am thoroughly thankful for air conditioning, fans, and iced teas.  For this midday post I am happy to share with you yet another awesome list from Real Simple, which contains 23 fabulous Ways to Beat the Heat.  In addition to the ideas I mentioned above, here are a few of my favorites from Real Simple's list for keeping your cool in the hot summer weather.

< Keep blinds closed to ward off hot sun beaming through your windows.  Curtains, shutters, and blinds in white help to deflect the sunshine. >

< Refrigerate a spray bottle filled with water to use to cool yourself down.  I also suggest running your wrists under some cold water for a few seconds, and drinking ice cold water. >

< Leave your oven off!  Turn on the barbecue, fire up the grill, and employ the wattage of your microwave- any of these options will help to keep you cooler, and will make you a "cooler" chef. >

What do you do to keep cool in hot weather?

*All images via Real Simple

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