Monday, June 27, 2011


< All packed! >

Happy Monday to you all!  The title of this post is relevant to a few things this week: 1) I am sharing what I packed for my much needed lake getaway this past weekend, and 2) This week is packed to the brim and the posts may not be in line with the normal pattern of what is posted on my blog.  No matter what, please know that I am always working hard to keep this blog fabulous and consistent, and I so much appreciate all of the support that readers give to me!  Anyway, these past few days (and a little bit of today), I have been enjoying time at Bass Lake.  The weather is perfect for boating during the day and for making smores at night.  Sunscreen and bug spray have saved me from looking like a tomato with chicken pox.  Laughter and smiles are what the days at the lake have been filled with, which is pretty much my idea of a perfect day!  I know that none of the outfits I packed are super stylish, but they are all so comfortable and perfect for a casual lake-side setting.  And be sure to look at the last picture- my thought is that magazines make the perfect accessory with a lounge chair while enjoying the sunshine and the sound of water lapping against the shore.

Tell me, what are you packing for your summer getaways?

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