Friday, June 3, 2011

Donut Friday!

You learn something new every day, right?  Well, usually I learn a few new things every day, and one of today's fun factoids I enjoyed reading about is that... the first friday of every June is National Donut Day!  For this lunchtime post, I do not mean to spoil your Friday lunch, but want to wish you a Happy National Donut Day!  This donut day tradition was apparently started in 1938 by the Chicago chapter of the Salvation Army as a way to honor women who helped serve donuts to soldiers during WWI.  I am not usually an avid donut fan, but every once in a while I enjoy indulging in the sugar-filled, doughy confection.  After looking at all of these pictures, I just might have to pick up a dozen donuts sometime soon.  So from me to you, Happy National Donut Day, and have a wonderful weekend!

< Feel inspired to make some donuts at home?  Check out Real Simple's Fake It Don't Make It recipe >

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