Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Closet Ambition

< Image via The Gamourai >

Happy June to everyone!  Now that the first official summer month (from my perspective) is here, I think it is time to properly transfer the winter clothes out of my closet and the summer clothes into that space.  The weather has been somewhat schizophrenic around here lately, going from 70-degree sunny days to 50-degree gray, rainy days.  However, now that I have lived in an area with a cool evening breeze in the summer months, I know which jackets and sweaters to keep incorporated into my summer wardrobe.  I am lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, and my husband and I have plans to one day upgrade and personalize that space.  However, for now I am dreaming of reorganizing my closet space as I transform it into a summer wardrobe haven.  Not that the walk-in space in our master closet is anywhere near the size of the large spaces featured in the pictures in this post, but I love the organization ideas provided by these dream closet spaces, and will use these as inspiration for my current and future closet composition tasks.  Tell me, where do you find inspiration for closet, shoes, and accessory storage?

Now, time to unpack summer dresses and store away heavy sweaters and jackets!

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< Image via Elle Decor >

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< Image via Elle Decor >

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