Friday, June 24, 2011


< Random kids having recess fun! >

Remember Fridays when we were younger?  Free play for recess, the snack bar, pizza parties, and spirit girl cheer time... ah, such fun memories.  The fact that I live down the street from an elementary school, who's bell rings for all recess and class times, reminds me of how fun it was being a kid.  My goal is to keep infusing my excitement for Fridays into the rest of my life!  Here are some things that remind me of Free Play and recess when I was growing up.  Tell me, do any of these remind me of recess time from your past?

Hope that you all have a great weekend!  Now, I am off to go find some red licorice...

< My favorite treat to buy from the snack bar >

< My friends and I used to use flowers like this during recess to make bracelets and necklaces >

< Aww... aren't these guys cute!  Two mascots from two different elementary schools I attended >

< Remember how fun four-square was?? >

< Ah yes, the fun that was had at those class pizza parties! >

< I had a Book IT! pin that I put a ton of gold star stickers on >

< Pom poms for cheering on the plays at Friday football games! >

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