Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

< A little rainbow I saw in a wave off the side of the boat >

This past weekend I enjoyed a little getaway to the lake (as mentioned here).  The weather was amazing, and much time was enjoyed on the water (which is my favorite way to spend summer days).  I know this post contains many pictures of water, but I just loved the lake and the view I was able to enjoy during the long weekend.  For example, how great is that little rainbow in the picture above?  And how beautiful are the evergreens surrounding this lake?  And what an amazingly beautiful setting sun reflecting off the water, right?  Well, browse through all of the pictures here and you will know what a relaxing and beautiful weekend getaway I enjoyed!

< The shrubbery on this rock is the perfect addition to this cove >

< A few geese enjoying the warm summer weather >

< Sunny sky, blue water, and green forest- it doesn't get any better than this! >

< By chance, got to watch this chopper dip its bucket into the water and haul it away to a fire- so awesome to see up close! >

< The sun starting to set on our last night at the lake >

< The perfect treat for a drive home after a mini vacation! >

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