Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toms Reveal!

< The very mysterious Toms box >

Yesterday I had the chance to catch the local unveiling of the next "chapter" in the Toms brand development, and it was quite a touching reveal.  The founder of Toms, Blake Mycoskie, has an awesome vision for combining retail product sales with a chance to provide a better life for others around the world.  The new product line, if you haven't already heard, is eyewear- 3 different sunglass designs in various colors, all with three hand painted stripes which have come to represent the one-for-one signature that is Toms.  Each sale of these eyewear products will help to provide eye care for someone else in need around the world.  To read more about the new Toms eyewear, click here, and to watch the announcement of the reveal in Santa Monica, visit

Now, doesn't this make you wish that every single pair of shoes or sunglasses you purchase could do as much direct good as what these Toms products provide?

< Hmm... what is the secret? >

< Toms shoes, the original product line >

< Touching reveal video >

< The capsule is finally opened! >

< Fabulous presentation of the new eyewear >

< The story of the One for One stripes >

< Ta-Da!  Sold in most same locations where Toms shoes are sold >

Great job, Toms!!

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