Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Cheer

< Easy-peasy, low-cost decorating ideas from Real Simple >

This Monday is trucking by somewhat slowly, and for days like this I love a little inspiration from the web to cheer me up!  Here are a few things that I will use as inspiration for decor around my house, reworking a dress, and dreaming of the days when summer accessories will finally be appropriate in summer weather!  Hope that even if your Monday does not have you feeling totally cheerful, some of these items cause you to smile and laugh!

< L-o-v-e this beach tote, as seen on COCOCOZY >

< This Modcloth dress totally reminds me of Anthropologie's style, and I may have to rework a similar dress I have in my closet with the details seen on this dress >

< Want a reason to really laugh out loud?  Just browse through the site at Catalog Living and you will be sure to find some hysterical editorial >

< Mesh chain, glass crystals, and a fringe of palm leaf beads??  Drool!  The J.Crew jewelry sale is something to go ga-ga over! >


  1. 1. I love modcloth, got my engagement picture dress there!

    2. If you love that J.Crew necklace, you'll love the new Stella & Dot collection!

    3. I am wondering, how do you find time to blog everyday? I'm trying to do the same.....:)

  2. Hi Laura! I am always so glad to know that you read this blog :-) I have yet to purchase anything from Modcloth, but I am loving all of their dresses right now! I am very excited for your Stella & Dot connection! And time is sometime squeezed in to the very end of my day, and other times I spend some weekend hours planning out the posts! :-)