Friday, June 24, 2011

Obsessed: Palm Beach Retreat

Hooray for Fridays!  For some reason, Fridays are the only day each week that I feel slightly like a morning person.  Not that I am that much more awake, I just think my mind is doing a happy dance to some song with the letters T-G-I-F!  And what else is going to cheer me up this Friday?  My new obsession with the interior design of Meg Braff's Palm Beach condo, which I recently discovered as I happened across a past issue of Coastal Living.  I have to confess: I am fairly sure that I have heard of this magazine before, but after flipping through the pages of the issue I picked up, I realized that this is a magazine that I would thoroughly enjoy on a monthly basis.  I mean, what can be better than adding a little more beach to every aspect of your life?  After perusing through the editorial showcasing Ms. Braff's Palm Peach decor, I am inspired to redecorate at least one room of my house with the bright, citrus, Florida-beach-like hues you see in the picture below.  And if only I had an ocean front/lake front/ river front home, I just might install a whole wall of mirrors to reflect the outdoor scenery.  Now, don't you want a lucite coffee table, an all-white dinning room with just a few beach colored pops of color, and - oh yes- a water-front condo in Florida?

* All images via Coastal Living

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