Thursday, January 17, 2013

New year, new organization

One of my favorite things (you faithful 3P readers know, no doubt) is to organize the heck out of anything.  And on top of that, I love a little DIY project.  When Samsill saw this project, they were kind enough to contact me and send me some of their great binders.  There were so many fun colors to choose from, and enticing features such as biodegradable speedy spine qualities had me dreaming of the most ideal binders ever.  And trust me, as I have worked with these binders to create a little more organization in my life, they really are the high quality materials that you want in an office binder.  And how perfectly 3P is this blue color binder they sent me?!  I still have some more to add to each of these binders, but thanks to Samsill I am feeling much more organized these days!

 < before: masses of outfit inspiration I have collected over the years, falling out everywhere >

< after: the binders restore some much needed order! >

 < ta-da!  New binders, new organization in this new year.  Thanks Samsill! >

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