Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY: wedding planner & organizer

< Supplies gathered for crafting and binding! >

I just love going to friend's weddings and celebrating their weddings, but I love it even more when I get to be a part of the wedding and/or the wedding planning!  Party planning and staying organized are some of my most favorite things to do in life, so when a friend asks me to help out with such items, I jump at the chance.  As an extension of my love of organization, I broke out a few DIY skills and crafted up a wedding planner & organization binder for a good friend who is beginning to plan her wedding day.  I included a monthly calendar, loads of checklists and worksheets for staying on track with plans and numbers, sheet protectors to store magazine tear-outs and other miscellaneous items, a hole punch to make the binding process easier for her along the way, and separate tabs for ceremony, attire, photography, stationary, reception, music, flowers, bakery, transportation, schedules, and miscellaneous items, all in a two-and-a-half inch three-ring binder. Hopefully this will help her plan her dream event, stay motivated and organized along the way, and serve as a great memoir to all of the effort and excitement that will go into her wedding celebration!

 < I found this little calendar at Target, and it contained the exact collection of months that will lead up to my friend's wedding! >

< A few decorations on the tab for stationery >

 < An attire section to keep information about dresses and tux rentals all in one place >

 < Flowers on the flowers tab! >

 < Sparkly gold spots to help spark some decoration ideas into reality >

< The organization tabs in their entirety! >


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