Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The ABCs of belts

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A few weeks ago, a sweet friend asked me to name a few of the best places to get belts.  In my opinion, there are several different categories for belts- daytime/work appropriate, evening sparkle, and relaxed for weekend... and all of these can be purchased at so many different places.  Honestly, my favorite places for work belts are Banana Republic and Nine West, while J.Crew is my favorite spot for sparkly belts, and Ross and Target are my favorite hot spots for casual belts.  Here are a few other belt options, done in ABC format (see other 'ABCs of...' here, here, here, and here)- I hope this helps provide some inspiration for your belt collection!

< Belts for work >

< Belts for evening >

< Belts for weekends >

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  1. OMG can I please have all the belts in this post! This is one accessory I can "wrap" (he he) my head around. Love this post!