Thursday, August 23, 2012

Home decorations: master bath

< serene sink console >

It has been a while since I have shared any house decorations on the blog, and after recently spending a decoration-ideas session with a friend I was totally inspired to share some more of the design around my home (you can see other spaces I have shared here).  When the decorations for this space were chosen, we basically decided to mirror the colors of the master bedroom.  Thus resulted this natural-light-filled, spa-like room which helps bring a sense of calm even on the most harried mornings.

< a tray to hold supplies and corral stray items- see more ways I use trays here >

 < plants to bring the outdoor in and candles to add ambience >

 < a few lovely prints hang on the wall, and a basket full of towels and a candle rests on the tub >

 < sweet words of wisdom to provide encouragement any time I steal a glance at them >

< a few table top decorations liven up the top of a small storage cupboard >


  1. Beautiful! Please come decorate my bathroom/house!

  2. Sunday evening and browsing through the ambiance of your bathroom was soothing for me - like a walking on the shore by the sea - perhaps it was the colors - very restful.

    Especially liked Eva's costume choices and envied them both those long legs.

    Thanks for your providing moments of pleasure and inspiration.