Thursday, August 16, 2012


 < Accessories from the day, a beautiful morning, what to do with this figurine, arm party, favorite books and polishes, spaghetti night, Tigger and Jack, making cookies, my Stella & Dot earrings, my new book I am sooo happy own, dinner spices, summer hair buns, Tuesday tootsies, my belt from the day The ABCs of belts post went up, delicious lunch salad, and the first of the September issues >

< A beautiful day among the palms, enjoying the beach, weekend brunch, a scarf to keep warm, singing along at an outdoor concert, a yummy breakfast, the outfit of the day, out to a baseball game, my gold sequined sleeve, accessories from July, the Fab Five, Mr. Lion and the lamb, Garnier Fall Fight, salads with my BFF, weekend arm party, and taco night >

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